Affiliate Marketing Through Clickbank and Using of Bing Ads

Affiliate Marketing Through Clickbank


Using of Bing Ads


Hey, I’m Suraj Nagarwal from India and I’m doing Case Study on Internet Marketing from Couple of Years. I have a good experience of Internet Marketing and right now, I’m testing my strategy. I’m building my Own Passive Income Source or you can say Passive Income Machine.

Recently I launched my own website :-

I’m guiding People who want to learn from me. I purchased some Affiliate Courses for learning. Right Now I’ll guide other people about Internet Marketing.

I’ll give you best product that you use Daily Reviews and guiding all about Internet Marketing from starting on my Site. How to you earn money online and create a business Online that gives you a good income in future because every business wants time and hard work for growth.

Let’s get Started!!!

If you have any problem or issue about this you can contact me through my website :-

 Introduction about Internet Marketing

 Internet Marketing is way to trade online. It’s also a process to promote your business, brand online and services. Internet marketing is way to doing a business that convert people as a customer. Internet marketing also called Digital Marketing. Internet Marketing is business that you run online and sell your products and Services, and also sell other people products and earn a good commission.

Internet Marketing is good according your offline Business because there is limited customer and limited way to promote your business offline but if we talk about online business you have whole word as like customer there is no boundation and no limited way and Limited place to promote your business online. You can work from anywhere there is no time limited for work online.

In Internet marketing, People can works for all type of products like Physical Products (merchandise, apparel, and other Products you sell and ship to customers) and Digital Products (that type of products that you can convert it into digital way like share knowledge, Teaching, Passion, Everything that you have as a skill).

Types of Internet Marketing

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. CPA Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Blogging
  5. Content Marketing
  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  7. Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

It’s way that you can sell other people products.

It is possible in online marketing that you can sell other people products and you can get a good commission on it. Internet marketing is business that runs online and same as other business you can sell products to customer.

Affiliate Marketing is process to promote other people products and sell to customers.

There is so much web portal that gives you a way to doing affiliate marketing. They create affiliate program that you can join for free and you can sell and earn the commission.

Affiliate Program Website


Most Popular website is website to join affiliate program is Amazon. Amazon is worldwide famous E-commerce website that most of people hear about Amazon. Amazon is giving a free account to join his Affiliate Program and promote their Products.

Here you can promote physical products of Amazon like Clothes, Mobile Phones, Electronics Products, Home Decorative Products, etc. You can promote any product that in you are interests.

Most Famous word that you heard on internet for Marketing is NICHE.

Niche is word that describes your Interest means you have to choice a category that you interested. If you have interest in teaching that choice a teaching category and find sub niche as what you want to teach people or sell people like you interest in piano but your not ready to build your own course but able to sale a course of Piano that giving a good knowledge to people and people can easy learn from the course. Then you can promote all things that related to Piano.

You can register yourself on Amazon. Some few steps and after that you can promote products and Sell it to other People.

Register yourself to visit this link :- (


Other Most Popular Site is Clickbank. That gives you a way to promote their Digital Products and Sell to other People. It is woks mediator between Affiliater (who promote their products) and Vendor (who is creator of Product) and Customer (Who purchase Products). Here you can promote all the type of Digital Products with your interest like (Piano Trainer, Physical or Fitness Trainer, Cardio Trainer, Dating Skills, etc.)

Promotion Affiliate Links

Now, we discuss that’s how to promote affiliate link.

Main thing of Affiliate Marketing is How to promote the affiliate link that I choice for promotion. There is more way promote a link.

Type of Promotion

  • Through Your Site
  • Through Social Media Sites
  • Paid Ads with Google Adwords and Bing Ads
  • Through Solo-Ads

Yes, anyone can promote the links and got a sale. It’s possible when your strategy and you have a Experience to promoting a link with good way.

You can promote affiliate link through your own site by giving some products reviews or get more traffic to your site and post a banner of products but there is you need money to register your site and all …



Domain Name

You have to register first your domain for your own and its takes your 7$ to 10$ per year. Domain are required if you promote affiliate link through site.


After purchase of Domain you need hosting and It’s takes your 40$ to 80$ per year. It’s like a Space their you store your Products and Save your data means affiliate links and Promoting Images , Banners.


It’s a portal there you interacts with your traffic and promote products. It’s like a path where your shop work and Customer comes here to purchase from you. It’s take your 200$ to 500$ according your requirement that how your website looks like.

You can use WordPress is most popular and most commonly use for website. You can easily create website here or Learn from YouTube how to create website through WordPress and Cheaper than purchase a website.

You can create single funnel pages and thank you page through using wordPress and funnel pages is most important page of promotion when you promoting products because its help to collect data like Customer Email (that are most important for communicate with them), Name, Mobile No, etc.


Autoresponder are main component of Affiliate Marketing because it work as a reminder that encourage your client and convert them to Purchase product from you.

Auto responder works with your data that you collect from traffic that visit your site.

It’s a reminding process of traffic to purchase from your site and create an interest in traffic.


Traffic is group of people that visit to your website and they will purchase from you.

Main Question where to traffic comes to the site and what type of traffic you need. Truth is no one directly purchase from you that’s the fact because everyone want free knowledge free gifts and no one want to spend money on courses and worth able things but you have to change them cold to hot. Traffic is two type most known as Cold Traffic and other one is Hot Traffic.

Cold traffic is type of traffic they visit your site and do not take any action and Hot traffic is type of traffic that already encourage for the Product and service that you providing and they visit you site and take action.

You can interact people to visit your site from social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.). Just find the people in your niche and communicate with them. It’ll take time but gives you profit without spend money on traffic. It’s way to promote affiliate link without paid for traffic. Most valuable traffic because it’s take a lot time and lot of effort.

If you have good valuable traffic that daily interacting and reach to your post and articles so that’s the good news for you because you don’t have to expend your money to traffic sites.


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